Cosmic Landscapes

It’s excruciatingly difficult to categorize many of Max’s paintings. He painted what many might refer to as landscapes, but some were so “zoomed out” that typical objects such as trees and vegetation are mostly absent, instead the focus is on sky, clouds, sun, moon and stars.

“Schimmernacht”, which was the first large (4’ x 6’) canvas Max painted, was started in San Diego and finished in Ohio. As the influence of Ohio’s farmland intrudes, they evolve into landscapes (i.e. “Jake’s Place” and “Bauer Power”). But at the same time, “Charm”, “Himmelsee” and “Arubo” remain abstract — and cosmic!

There is one thing that remains the same in all these works — the prominence of light. In Max’s words — “Value, the balance of light and dark”. Of course, the most important thing for growing plants is light, and that’s true for paintings too. There is a crispness and brilliance to the paintings that would not have occurred if they had been painted with middle values. Max was a lover of light!

Written in 2013 by Malinda Yoder, Max’ wife